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Communicating through video can inspire, entertain and move people to action.  Whether you seek to create a reality TV show pilot or to meet the sales and marketing goals of your company or organization, Nick is a reliable and effective resource. 

From a short 30-second piece to a 60-minute in-depth presentation, Nick can provide the concept, script, filming and post-production to create a high quality, high impact product.

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Nick Mosher Demo Reel 2013

Recognizing the ROI associated with video advertising,  advertisers spent $2.9 billion on online video ads in 2012. 

Source: Infographic

Companies using online video for promotion have seen sales lifts from 20% to 40%. 

Source: We Capture

A web page is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google

if it has a video on it. 

Source: Forrester Research